Our offices are located in the ‘U’ student centre on Glasnevin campus and off D Block on St Patrick’s campus. Our Helpdesk provides you with a range of services and offers you a one-stop shop for any questions or advice you might need during your time in DCU! We have a Helpdesk on our Glasnevin campus (in The U) and St. Patrick’s campus (D Block). Some of our services include:

– Student Leap Cards.
– Travel Tickets & Top-ups. – Bill Payments and Mobile

– Ticketmaster.
– Merchandise & Clothing. Pop in to say hello or contact us at suhelpdesk@dcusu.ie




Our office hours are as follows:

Monday: 9.15 - 5.00pm

Tuesday: 9.15 - 5.00pm

Wednesday: 9.15 - 5.00pm

Thursday: 9.15 - 5.00pm

Friday: 9.15 - 4.00pm