Arts Bursary Recipients 2019

Arts Bursary Recipients 2019

The aim of the Arts Bursary, established in 2009, is to promote excellence in artistic and cultural activities in Dublin City University and to encourage the pursuit of such excellence. The Office of Student Life, supported by the Educational Trust offers a limited number of Arts Bursaries to full time undergraduate students involved in the Arts. All art forms are considered and students are asked to submit an application detailing their achievements to date, their hopes for the future and some detail on how they propose to spend any bursary they may be awarded. To date over 60 students have benefited from the scheme.

How to Apply

Applications for Arts Bursaries are invited in the first Semester. Applicants are required to complete and submit an application form. Which is available here.

Further information on the Arts Bursary can be obtained from:

Sandra McCormack                                  Una Redmond

Student Engagement Administrator             Manager

Office of Student Life                                 Office of Student Life

The U, DCU                                         The U, DCU

Tel: 353 (0) 1 700 6163                                 Tel: 353 (0) 1 700 5280

email:                        email:

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