Monday 12pm to 3.45 pm

Tuesday 10 am to 3.45 pm Wednesday 10 am to 3.45pm

Thursday 10 am to 3.45 pm

Friday 10 am to 2.30 pm

There are over 140 Clubs & Societies in DCU spread across campuses and they cater for all interests, hobbies and passions. You can even set up your own! From developing existing skills to trying something completely new, joining a DCU club or society is one of the best decisions you will make in DCU. Involvement in club and society activity gives you a welcome break from your academic studies and the skills and competencies gained through committees and other organisational work will really enhance your CV and give you that extra edge in the your future career. In addition, being involved in DCU clubs and societies will enhance your social life and help you make lifelong friends as well as creating memories to treasure for life. Uniquely, in DCU you can gain extra credits for your involvement in club and society life through the Uaneen Module. (See ‘U’ Uaneen Module). DCU Clubs and Socs are well served with fantastic facilities in the brand new student Centre -The U with meeting rooms, rehearsal space and office space to organise daily activities. In addition there is a large auditorium and numerous rooms which are available to Clubs and Societies on the St Patrick’s Campus also. Join up for only €4 (per membership) during Clubs & Societies Days which take place on Monday September 30th and Tuesday 1st of October (Sports Hall, Glasnevin Campus) and Wednesday 2nd of October 2019 (Auditorium, St.Patrick’s Campus). If you are interested in setting up a club or society or need further information please contact any of the support staff.

Clubs and Socs Staff 2019