Lismore Traffic Light Party
Mon 11 Sep06:00

Lismore Traffic Light Party

Following the sure to be success of our Larkfield Block Party, we're hitting our residences donw on Drumcondra campus with our LISMORE BLOCK PARTY!!

Plenty of food and drink for everyone and lots of tunes courtesy of Red Bull!!

Kicking off at 6pm and followed by our TRAFFIC LIGHT PARTY in NuBar from 9pm

The rules of traffic light night are very simple :

If you are in a relationship and therefor untouchable by anyone other than your significant other, wear RED

If you are in a situationship/undecided/its too complicated to explain but you're still going to see each other at the weekends despite going to different colleges wear ORANGE

and if you're a single pringle and ready to mingle wear GREEN

Hope to see you all there!!