Job Posting: Brand Ambassadors Wanted

Anyone want to earn some €€€ doing casual promotional work during freshers week and beyond?
We’re looking for outgoing and reliable brand ambassadors with the gift of the gab, to help us get the word out about our app. We’re all about helping students find careers that will make them happy and ideally we want people that care about career choice too. Your job will be to help introduce other students to our platform, so that we can start matching everyone with careers and jobs they love and will be qualified for. There is no hard selling because our product is free, we simply need to tell people what we do. 

We offer:

Flexible working hours- you choose
Control over earnings
Free, personalised career coaching session
Stellar reference for a job well done
Free t-shirt

Our ideal candidate will have the following attributes: 

Extroversion: We need you reaching out to as many people as possible, so confidence is a must
Persuasion: You need to be able to demonstrate the value of the product so that students 'get' why they should sign up 
Communication: You need to be able to tell people what we're all about, in a way that they will easily understand - fewer long drunken spiels and less country jargon 
Initiative: We want you to be creative in how you do this. Ambush lecture halls, dreg the floors of pubs, it's up to you. 
Commitment: Our candidates will persevere until the end - results are what matters. You'll have targets to hit and we'll give you bonuses based on these figures.

Apply with the below to

Email Address:
Year of Study:
College:  (DCU)
Availability to Work:


Previous promotional and / or marketing experience will be considered a huge plus. 

We'll provide full training