Arts Bursary Testimonials - What is the Arts Bursary?

The Office of Student Life, supported by the educaitonal trust, offers a limited number of arts bursaries. Check out the testimonials below from students who have received the arts bursary grants.
My name is Helen Keenan and I am in 3rd year of Science Education. I am a classical singer and I have been taking singing lessons since I was 11 years old. I have competed in competitions, completed all of my grades, and I have also been given a number of 'High Achiever' awards from the Royal Irish Academy of Music. The world of classical singing is a very competitive one that requires a lot of hard work, dedication and intense training and coaching. For example, in one of my singing recitals last year I had to sing in 4 different languages. I hope to enhance my talent by continuing to get my training and coaching. I am currently studying part-time for my music performance diploma and preparing to compete in the 'Feis Ceoil'. The funding of the DCU Arts Bursary will help me continue my singing lessons and also get vocal and language coaching for the variety of languages that I sing in. The funding that I will receive is invaluable and it is amazing that I am able to pursue my singing career while also studying to be a secondary school teacher. I would recommend anyone with a talent or goal to apply for this bursary, as I am incredibly thankful for the doors that it will open for me.

Helen Keenan, SE3

My name is Niamh McKeown and I’m currently in second year of the Communication Studies course here in DCU. I’m a videography who specialises in Travel Videos, Documentaries and Entertainment videos. Given the chance to invest in better equipment the quality of my videos will increase and in turn will improve my knowledge and develop my skills in that field. I applied for the bursary because as a student, I do not have the funds for this high level of equipment. I would highly recommend the Arts Bursary as it has given me a fantastic opportunity to move forward in my career.

Niamh McKeown, CS2